Sales And Retention


Sales And Retention:
At Sitel Call center we ensure our team delivers highest number of sales by effectively handling the sales calls under the expert sales supervisors. While on the sales calls our agents make sure they deliver best customer service as well because for many “First Impression Is The Last Impression”. This does not end here, post sales our expert agents provide world class customer experience to keep them retained. For our clients both the stages of sales and retention are very important which we deliver the BEST across UAE.


Inbound & Outbound Sales:Sitel call center acts as a sales partner for our clients. We involve ourselves in all phases of sales, incorporating best practices with scientific approach. Every call is maximized and we consistently show your customers how they can best leverage cross products or up sells. Customer satisfaction is your best advertisement – which translates to repeat business, positive word-of-mouth recommendations and the assurance that your brand will always be respected and valued. Our call center agents are masters in doing this; hence our clients witness dramatic increase in their sales and customer satisfaction.


Lead Generation:
Reach out to potential prospects and grow your customer base with high quality lead generation services. Our expertise includes highly focused and targeted campaigns to bring to fore new business in your chosen industry. We bring together highly trained lead generation professional with proven methodologies to generate high-potential leads.


Language Capabilities:
While we were founded as an in-language, in-culture tele-services firm specializing in customer contacts in Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu languages, today we are widely considered a leader in in-language customer contact with so many language capabilities. What sets Sitel  apart is our ability to support in-language projects with in-language QA, recruiting and training with multi-lingual operational support personnel who are all completely skilled to perform the task.